CAVE* and VR Lab Briefing Session (April 2021)

To allow our teachers and staff to explore innovative ways to integrate technology into teaching and learning, a CAVE and VR Lab briefing session was conducted on 30 April 2021 at the VR Lab at the Island East Campus. This session provided a valuable opportunity for participants to dive into an immersive experience in education. Participants were introduced to the use of CAVE in teaching and learning, as well as the operation of the VR Lab to facilitate multi-user VR simulations.  A total of 3 part-time and full-time teachers and administrative staff attended.

CAVE demonstration

* CAVE stands for “cave automatic virtual environment”. The CAVE system is an immersive and interactive visualisation system, allowing students to experience the developed 3D models virtually. The user wears 3D glasses with an antenna inside the CAVE to see 3D graphic generated by the system.