CAVE Briefing Sessions

As mentioned in the last issue, the CAVE has been in service since May 2018. In order to introduce and promote this new facility, the E-learning Team arranged two briefing sessions on 30 July 2018 and 1 August 2018 for teachers and other staff members to familiarise themselves with the CAVE systems and applications. A total of 26 participants joined these two briefing sessions.

During the briefing sessions, the participants were guided to ‘walk through’ the CAVE contents developed by the students from Architectural Studies, Marketing and Retail Management, and the VR contents developed by the E-learning Team. To enable better understanding of how VR enhances teaching quality and learning outcomes, the participants were invited to experience the VR content development process.

Most participants gave positive responses to the use of CAVE technology for teaching and learning. They found the technology interesting, engaging, and interactive.

Are you interested in the immersive journey? Please come and visit the CAVE! We highly encourage colleagues to contact us for a CAVE visit.