Enhancement of Computer Facilities at IEC 1801

With the increasing popularity and advanced technological development of virtual reality (VR), the School has engaged with enhancing teaching and learning with its application. To align with this development and to facilitate the use of VR application, facilities need to be upgraded.

In April 2018, the computers located at the Computer Laboratory 1801 at the Island East Campus were upgraded with higher computer performance and installed with new software useful for developing 3D models and VR contents. Software includes V-Ray, Unity and Unity plug-in which create VR contents to be compatible with the CAVE* setting. So far, students from Architectural Studies and Interior Design subjects experienced using these upgraded computers to work on their virtual environment assignments.

Other Programme Teams are encouraged to make use of this enhanced IEC 1801 facility for betterment of teaching and learning.

* CAVE stands for “cave automatic virtual environment”. The CAVE system is an immersive and interactive visualisation system, allowing students to experience the developed 3D models virtually. The user wears 3D glasses with an antenna inside the CAVE to see 3D graphic generated by the system.