Enhancing learning experience through VR application in Pharmaceutical Studies

The E-Learning Team collaborated with the Pharmaceutical Studies Subject Group, the HPSHCC Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Products Management Programme Team and HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College’s (HPSHCC) academic staff to produce a Virtual Reality (VR) video at a pharmacy of a local public hospital so as to provide students with more opportunities to gain more ‘real’ experience in a virtual pharmacy.

This VR application supplements classroom lectures with hands-on experience of working in a hospital pharmacy. It helps enhance the quality of teaching and learning. The virtual pharmacy and cleanroom application illustrates the drug dispensing procedures of both inpatients and outpatients and the equipment/devices being used. Through these VR applications, students have a better understanding of the layout and workflow of a ‘real’ hospital pharmacy so that they can be well prepared for being qualified staff in drug dispensing and in hospital pharmacy operations before graduation.

To learn more about the VR experiences gained by learners, please go to the following link: