G Suite for Education + YouTube (3 March 2017)

To facilitate the use of technology in teaching and learning, a training workshop on Google Apps for Education (G Suite for Education) and YouTube was conducted at ADC Learning Centre on 3 March 2017. In this session, colleagues and part-time teachers were introduced to the use of G Suite and YouTube to support their teaching, learning and programme administration, such as how to employ G Suite to conduct collaborative learning, share learning resources, and how to use YouTube to share and edit multimedia files and video files. Participants were provided with tips for using these two tools in teaching and learning. The number of registrants for this workshop was overwhelming. A total of 28 registrants attended the workshop while 22 registrants joined online via the Webinar service.

The responses of this workshop were very positive. Some comments from participants are as follows: “This well-organised workshop is very useful for me. It can effectively support my teaching at HKU SPACE.”

If you have missed this workshop, you can watch the recorded session under E-learning Training Courses on SOUL 2.0 Website (http://soul2.hkuspace.hku.hk).