Incorporating Off-the-Shelf VR Applications into Sports, Exercise and Recreation Management Courses

Application of the latest technology has become widespread in different industries, and the sport and recreation industry is no exception. To expose students to innovation and let them experience how the latest technology can make an impact on the sports industry, the E-Learning Team has collaborated with the Sports, Exercise, and Recreation Management Subject Group to explore the incorporation of off-the-shelf VR applications into their courses. A number of VR applications that fit our teaching purposes were identified and introduced.

In March 2021, a total of six experimental sessions with 88 students from the Sports, Exercise and Recreation Management courses were conducted at the CAVE and VR Lab at the Island East Campus. Students were given the chance to experience several off-the-shelf VR applications in person, diving into the immersive environment in different sports such as boxing, basketball, bowling, running, etc. Positive feedback and comments were received from the participants.

It is believed that these VR experiences can enhance students’ in-class engagement and inspire them with innovative ideas in their course work assignments.


VR cycling
VR boxing
VR bowling