Is E-learning Good for in Traditional Classroom Setting?

How do students think about E-learning? Do they like it, dislike it, or depend on it? A student from HKU SPACE Community College shared her experiences in E-learning. Below are her answers.


How did you learn from E-learning? What are the benefits of E-learning to you?

What I like about E-learning in College Writing is that I was able to read all my classmates’ writings and simultaneously I can also read my teacher’s comments on their writing. In a sense, I can avoid making mistakes that the other students have made in their writings. Secondly, what I like most about studying College Writing online is that everything is available easily. Even if I miss a class, I can quickly catch up as long as I have access to the computer and I can do pre-class and in-class exercises. I can always refer back to the materials available on the platform if I do not understand anything.  I think these are the advantages of E-learning.


What are the disadvantages of E-learning to you and your classmates?

The greatest difficulty was that I spent a lot of time in trying to figure out how to use the SOUL platform. But frankly speaking, many of us feel that the platform could be improved further, technically speaking.

(Response from the E-learning Team: The online platform is going to be improved to meet the emerging needs of learners and teachers.)


Any recommendation or suggestion you may have to your teachers who may use E-learning in assessing the performance of students?

I think E-learning is good because we get used to using our mobile phones, tablets or other devices to learn. With E-learning, we can do revisions; we can do our homework at any time. I personally found it easier to do College Writing assignments. They are now being flexible and I can choose to do them during the ripe time. Whenever I come up with a good idea, I can easily use my mobile phone and go onto the SOUL platform and type things up. Therefore, I think more E-learning would really suit the learning needs and style of students nowadays.