New Development of Virtual Reality

In August 2017, the School was successfully granted an amount of HK$1.98M from the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme of the Hong Kong Education Bureau for a 2-year Virtual Reality (VR) project.  This project involves two core developments – setting up a modern VR Laboratory (VR Lab) with state-of-the-art multi-user equipment and developing a series of multi-user VR contents with interactive practical exercises in conformity with the latest standards and practices in the aviation industry.

The major objectives of this project are (i) to motivate and enhance students’ learning experience through a “learning-by-doing” approach, and (ii) to enhance teaching quality and effectiveness through mutual participation and real-time communication between teachers and students under a VR environment.

The modern VR Lab will facilitate students’ simultaneous interactions with the interactive multi-user VR contents including severe aircraft structural damages and aircraft emergency landings, communication failure between cabin crew and flight crew, etc.

This project is targeted at integration of VR into two full-time programmes: Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies and Higher Diploma in Airline and Airport Services in early 2019.