Online Course on E-learning to Teachers

In view of the current COVID-19 outbreak situation and the increasing demand for e-learning, the E-learning Team has collaborated with the College of Life Sciences and Technology and the Maisy Ho Centre for Teaching and Learning to provide intensive and extensive training workshops and seminars to enrich the teaching pedagogy of part-time and full-time teachers.


An online course on e-learning was launched on 28 August 2020. Both full-time and part-time teachers are eligible to access this course through SOUL 2.0.


The course covers four main areas illustrated in the following chart:

A.    Pedagogical and assessment concepts of online teaching (1 hour)

[including active, collaborative, authentic learning, and formative and summative assessment]

B. Technical skills on online teaching
Basic level (3+1 hours) Advanced level (2+2 hours)
SOUL 2.0 (1 hour each)

  1. Basic functions of SOUL 2.0
  2. Introduction to basic Assignments and Turnitin functions
  3. How to Set up Online Forums and the use of Instant Messaging


Videoconferencing software (choose at least one) (1 hour each) [including how to set up polling and breakout rooms]

  1. Virtual Classroom
  2. Zoom
  3. Microsoft Teams
Advanced E-assessment Functions of SOUL 2.0 (1 hour each)

  1. How to set up different types of Quizzes
  2. How to use rubrics in Turnitin Feedback Studio for marking



Videos for teaching (2 hours)

1. How to create and edit videos for teaching


C. Using supplementary teaching apps (optional) 

  1. Kahoot
  2. Padlet
  3. Socrative
  4. Mentimeter
  5. Google Classroom
 D. Best practice reference materials on E-pedagogies and E-assessments (optional) 
E. Exercise (optional)