Setup of Hybrid Classroom and Distance Learning Rooms

With the coronavirus pandemic changing the landscape of education, a mixed mode of class delivery whereby different students simultaneously attend the same class – either in person or online – has become the norm.

Conventional technologies such as web conferencing tools are not sufficient here to provide a satisfactory experience for either students or teachers. Those who opt to join classes online are at a disadvantage as the students in the physical classroom will receive more frequent and individual attention from the teacher. Inevitably, the online students will feel isolated and suffer from a lack of engagement.

Making use of technology to meet these challenges, the School has invested in Distance Learning Rooms and Hybrid Classrooms containing equipment that facilitates the active participation of both online and in-class students.  In this way students of both kinds receive equal attention from the teacher and are able to interact seamlessly despite being in different physical locations.

Distance Learning Rooms and Hybrid Classrooms are equipped with the following state-of-the-art equipment:


Distance Learning Room

  1. a set of duel touch-screen monitors
  2. a ceiling mounted HD document camera
  3. two laser projectors
  4. two sets of front TV displays and two sets of back-wall TV displays
  5. a confidence monitor
  6. three sets of ceiling mounted microphone arrays
  7. a gooseneck microphone, clip microphones and handheld microphone
  8. an HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras for students and teachers
  9. a room system control panel
  10. a wireless hub presenter


Hybrid Classroom

  1. a set of duel monitors, one of them touch-screen
  2. an HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera for teachers
  3. a feedback elimination system with microphone pods


The investment made in teaching facilities to allow both online and concurrent learning will enable the School to shift towards mixed-mode delivery. It will also allow the implementation of active learning strategies and different pedagogies in an increasingly mixed-mode learning environment.  By eliminating the physical boundaries between onsite and remote learners and teachers, learner experience and programme quality can be maintained at the highest level.

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