SOUL 2.0 – New Look and Features

We are pleased to announce the launch of the revamped SOUL 2.0 in August 2019. Apart from the new look and feel, there are also a number of new features designed to offer teachers and learners a better learning experience. The new key features are:


A new look and feel

A clear interface provides a better user-friendly learning experience. Being fully responsive, the new system is compatible with both personal computers and mobile devices. Users will also be shown with best content layouts on different devices. On the new “Dashboard” personalised homepage, users can easily customise their own interfaces so as to suit their learning styles and habits.



Do not panic if you have deleted an activity or a resource by accident.  In this new version, deleted activities or resources will be stored in the recycle-bin for 30 weeks before they are permanently removed from the system. Teachers or programme administrators can recover any deleted activities or resources during the retention period.


Integration of Turnitin to the assignment module

In the new system, Turnitin plagiarism checking is integrated with SOUL 2.0’s Assignment module. With this integration, group assignment submissions will be supported, and grades will be shown in the Grade section.


One-click download for files

With the Download Materials Block, users can download all files in a specific section or all the files in a course in one go. This makes downloading course materials easier.


Group messaging

Users can send messages to a group using a new group messaging function. For messages sent via this function, recipients will immediately receive notifications whether they are using the web or the mobile version of SOUL 2.0. All SOUL 2.0 users will therefore be tuned in to their courses automatically without any barriers.


Notification on course materials update

Users will receive an email notification of any course material updates.


Training sessions on the revamped system will be conducted in September 2019, please stay tuned for the update on the SOUL 2.0 website.